Episode 12: "Are We There Yet?"Listen now (21 min) | The Use Of Questions In Negotiation (Part 1)
Episode 11: Negotiation Is Danceable!Listen now | A Conversation With Lily Din
Special Espresso Shot Edition 4.27.22Listen now (7 min) | The Marketplace Of Ideas: Negotiating Civil Discourse
Episode 10: Running From RussiaListen now (22 min) | Storytelling In Negotiation
Special Espresso Shot Edition 4.9.2022Listen now (9 min) | Small Stuff Counts: Everyday Negotiation Analysis of Landmark Amazon Union Vote
Episode 9: 1998 Russian Hostage CrisesListen now (21 min) | Negotiating When There's No Plan
Special "Espresso Shot" Edition 3.26.2022Listen now (9 min) | Negotiating Your Inner Voice
Episode 8: Magic QuestionListen now (25 min) | Listening Part 2: The Demo
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Forces of Good: The Superpower of Everyday Negotiation